Site Promotion Tools – Twisting the Cube

If you’re old enough think back two or three decades. Everyone owned one of these and you wanted one. You could just imagine yourself twisting and turning the item trying to unravel its mysteries.

Some would get frustrated with the square shaped toy and simply remove the stickers and place them where they wanted. The Rubik’s Cube was a phenomenon that captured the world. Children and adults spent hours on this low cost entertainment.

I would wager that many of you still have a Rubik’s cube somewhere in your belongings, perhaps in a box in storage or maybe sitting on the desk in your office.

Site promotion tools may be described as the Rubik’s Cube of online marketing. Most of the tools you can use to promote your site may not cost much, but like the Rubik’s Cube may take some time to learn.

Site promotion tools can seem like a six-sided cube with multiplied thousands of possible combinations that could lead to the successful completion of your promotional endeavors.

Site promotion can seem a bit intimidating because it appears complicated. Sometimes you have to be willing to settle for small victories like three greens in a row or better yet one side of the cube that is all the same color.

However, once this victory is achieved you will want to keep working the combinations to find an even greater level of success in your business.

Interestingly your online visitor will not see your proverbial site promotion cube, they are simply drawn to the success you’ve been able to achieve as you twist, turn and think about what site promotion tools will help you best achieve your objectives.

Perhaps this is why when it comes to site promotion there have been so many different success stories and none of them take the exact same path to success. They simply twisted the site promotion cube until they found a combination that worked for their business.

I suppose the owner of the site promotion cube could leave it fully intact with no twisting and turning, but the game doesn’t actually begin until that first twist is taken – then there is no looking back.

As a business owner you want your site to succeed and you can’t succeed if you can’t generate traffic to your site so the end result is marketing or site promotion.

So if that site promotion cube has been sitting on your desk gathering dust it’s time to do the twist.

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